Change is the only constant

It’s been a while.

I think I owe you some explanations considering my “recent” silence. Let me tell you a short story about failure and success.

Change is the only constant. I wish you could all just understand everything from this sentence. But don’t worry, I’ll explain. I am this kind of guy who CAN’T. STAND. STAGNATION. I have to experiment, I have to try new creative things, I have to feed my mind with a feeling of satisfaction from what I do. The Roomz Project is not such a thing any more. I’ve been making roomz for over 7 years. It’s been a GREAT adventure, very fulfilling, tons of fun. When I launched TRAP I was sure I’m going to make new roomz forever – that’s why it’s a choose-your-own-riddle game, not progression-based like the Eclipse. I was wrong. The Roomz was made from fascination, 2004-2006 were the golden times for “online riddles”. Time’s changed, gaming industry has changed… I’ve changed.

I guess I burnt out in a matter of roomz-creation. I had to find some other way to entertain you guys. And myself. Therefore I have to officially announce what I think should be quite clear now: I am done with The Roomz Project. I have to move on.

I know I was born to be a part of gaming industry. It was never just a hobby, it was passion. I love to keep people entertained with my games, riddles and evil ideas. I burst with joy looking at your frustration when you can’t figure out the simplest, the most obvious solution. In a positive way, of course. No offence. I definitely grew up – I’m not a crazy youngster with tons of time between school and sleep any more. OK, fine, I’m still crazy, but… in a different level. Every time I make a post here I mention my lack of time. This is still the main problem of mine. So what have I been doing?

Apart from my full-time job (as a graphic designer / programmer / animator) I used to spend my time reviewing games. In 2013 I launched a blog with a friend. As I mentioned, it was a game-review blog, but (obviously) with a twist – each review was a dialog between enthusiast and critic (we were swapping places accordingly to our feelings), so it was some kind of a fresh attempt to reviewing. Everything was cool… until I realised how much time I have to spend on making a SINGLE post. Writing, editing, graphics, administrating, advertising… everything was on my head (my blog-mate was just a reviewer). It was too much, and after half a year I had to quit. It was more painful than joyful. But it was still worth it.

Few months later my BFFs told me: “Hey, there are so many crappy ‘let’s play videos’ on YouTube (here in Poland) – you are a gamer, it is your passion, you enjoy doing things like that and you’ve got skills. Why don’t you make your own channel and show them how it should be done?” Yeah, right. Me, talking weird stuff to myself, or rather to virtual audience. INSANE.

And I liked it.

On June 2014, after many nights of brainstorming, researching and preparing, I collected enough experience points to level up and achieve Youtuber class. Crazy, spontaneous idea. Was it worth it? Hell yeah. In 6 months I gathered my first 1000 subscribers (achieved one day before New Year’s Eve), and now (in a middle of January) I have almost 1300. Noticed that growth? I came up with idea to make let’s play videos not about popular games (like everybody does), but about indie games. Along with well-known titles (which I needed for “lift-off”) I show people games they probably never heard about and I usually play as a guy who doesn’t even know the game either. Also, I tend to critisize games from a “developer” point of view. It was an experiment, and actually it worked out pretty nicely. Making videos is (obviously) time-consuming, but also very entertaining. Making fun of my goofs, interaction with people (just like on TR forums), making giveaways, games on demand… it’s fun. A LOT of fun.

So here I am. Riddle-game developer making youtube videos. Who would have thought? I overcame all my doubts (as a perfectionist I have many, too many!) and I think this is what I’m going to do now. Don’t know for how long. Months? Years?

Though, I’m not giving up on game development, so calm down. Me and Ralph (co-founder of The Roomz) are still in touch (we are best friends after all) and have MANY ideas for some serious games. And I mean it. I hate making promises, but to conclude my today’s long post, I can assure you – some day I’ll make an impact in gaming industry. *sound of lightning* There’s still much to be done, many evil obvious ideas to present, so keep an eye out.

I will be back.


One year later…

OK, it’s been a while since my last post. I think I need to clear things up a bit, but keep in mind that I’m NOT good at cleaning ANYTHING up. I control chaos, what do I need more?

First things first. After the last TRAP update I took an arrow to the knee came up with another brilliant idea – I wanted to make a blog/portal with (basically indie) games’ reviews. But not boring and casual – something with a twist and from different point of view. Truly to what I really think and feel, because nobody has to pay me for glorifying titles that are actually a pile of CRAP. And, more importantly, reviews are to be written in a form of dialogue. Well… OK, it’s rather never-ending-fight about whose point of view is right (YES, I LOOOOOVE RHYMES!). And NO, I’m not doing it all by myself. Come on! I’m not that awesome CRAZY! This is probably the first time I needed someone else but me to make my plan work. And I found her. Now she has to go through hell with me. What’s worse – I think she enjoys it… There’s definitely something wrong with her! Believe me: convincing Stashkin to other peoples’ rights? Good luck! But still, this is what makes the idea unique – presenting our opinion (about a game) as a result of open dialogue.  It took some work and time (she’s a writer, thus she doesn’t know much about design/web development/CMS and stuff) and three months later we launched the site. So yeah, that’s basically it. Wanna see it? Feel free, but be warned: it’s in Polish (my mother language). You know… you can always admire graphics! Just click HERE.

Meanwhile I came up with another idea. I woke up one day and was hit in the face with awesome setting for a game. I arranged a meeting with Ralfi (the guy who’s responsible for my whole Flash-based-programming-skills [we made first The Roomz together {hey look, a thought in a thought of a thought! INCEPTION!}]), I shared all my ideas with him and… he was instantly into it. In a few days we made a 30+ pages long draft containing most of game mechanics and strategies and we even started building game engine. Trust me, it’s going to be SUPERB! But, of course, I can’t tell you much. It’s top secret! All I can say is that the game will cover exploration, space travelling and OBVIOUSLY mysteries, secrets and puzzles.

*Fanfares* This is how half a year passed by. It was a blink of an eye, really. Oh, and I started playing piano. Damn, why all my hobbies HAS TO be so freakin’ time consuming?!

And finally, I’m going to make a statement for those of you, who look forward to new roomz (yes, I know, I’m talking to 3 or 4 people right now, but hey! it’s still worth it!):

1000110110010101101101011000100110010101110010 😉

The end is just the beginning

I am disappointed. Where the heck is this End Of The World people were bragging about for YEARS, eh? Worst armageddon EVER!

Anyway, for me December 21th will always be the day of a new beginning. Why? Because I finally released The Roomz: Abandoned Pit! Three months of hard work, especially last two weeks. And you know what? It was TOTALLY worth it!


I need a break right now. Play some abandonded pits games, like Assassin’s Creed III, which is (IMO) the worst part so far, but I still have hope it’ll be better later on. Maybe I’ll go back to room 10 in TRE afterwards? We shall see.

Oh, and for the record: Mayans. Go home. You are drunk!


Creative berserk continues

The Roomz: Abandoned Pit is heavily under creation. I also decided to reorganize TR forum a bit. Instead of creating multiple boards for each game from The Roomz Project, I decided to modify Eclipse forum. It will be the place uniting all three projects: TR, TRE and TRAP. Oh, and I designed a new look for forum and FB page. Here’s one of the artworks:

Allright. Let’s get back to work. ONWARDS!


I told you, it’s a TRAP!


Here it is, a brand new riddle game based on The Roomz series is about to come. Would you like more details? Stupid question… OF COURSE YOU DO! Check out TR Facebook page and stay tuned! More info coming soon!


Peaceful Chaos

Well, I’m inspired. I made this art during brainstorm about the project mentioned in the previous post. Gelly beans and Armin van Buuren make impossible possible. Anyway, enjoy!


(Double posting? HA!)


Watch out! It’s a TRAP!


I wish I could add a “Jaws” soundtrack here… it’d be quite adequate.


Oppa Stashkin Style!

After a massive break I’m here to post a completely random entry! F*CK YEAH!

But seriously: I’m always saying I’m busy. Guess what: it’s true! BUT! Today I came up with an idea of creating a simple riddle database of some sort, where I could throw small riddles I tend to make up randomly. Why? It’s simple: now, whenever I come up with something, I’m like: “Oh, cool idea, but it doesn’t fit to The Roomz scheme, so I probably disregard it.” Yeah, this is how many minor ideas have been already killed. I’m gonna do something with this matter…

What’s more, if you’d like to, I recently made a YouTube channel: The Wicked Designer (, where you can check out effects of my 3D and movie creations. I started to play around with Adobe After Effects, and it turned out to be quite cool, so yeah. And of course: LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE PLEEEEEASE!!! :*

That’s all, I guess. See you in a month! :>


PS. If you wonder what does “Oppa Stashkin Style” mean, here’s a hint: (is there a person on Earth who still doesn’t know Gangnam Style? No? I thought so.)


Storm Hunter

Good news, bad news. Again.

Bad news is – we just lost with Czech Republic, which means we’re out from Euro 2012 championships. Shame. We played as never, lost as usual. You can’t win if you play well for only 30 minutes! :<

But, here goes the good news – room 9 has been released today! There’s a new cool feature: ACHIEVEMENTS! Go get them at:!


Now give me something to drink…